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July 8, 2018

Pay Me No Mind: Power Entertainment And Some Sports

I need to leave the World Cup alone!!! I made a huge rookie mistake with my thoughts on the WC championship, as it's really not set yet... I mentioned that France and Belgium play Tuesday, and then still went and put England and Croatia in the chip game! Too late to edit it fam... 

Anyway, no guests for a second week. This week's PMNM topics include:  

  • An in-depth look at Nore's (CNN's Noriega) debut LP N.O.R.E. turning 20 years old
  • Power Season 5 Episode 1 'Damage Control' - Who is really running anything right now? 
  • Antman & The Wasp doing well at the box office 
  • Boots Riley's Sorry To Bother You - Is this 2018's Get Out
  • Top Rank on ESPN loses its main event Ramirez vs O'Connor & Down. Goes. ESPN+!!! 
  • NBA Summer League headlines - Maybe I was wrong on Jaren Jackson.... 
  • Kawhi feel that he's too good to struggle when he was drafted into the perfect situation? 
  • The Rust Belt Vs Everybody - We know LeBron's gone, but The Fly-Over States can't have nice things??? 


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